At Blue Planet Science Group, we believe that most people want their investments to not only produce returns, but to do so in a manner that leaves the world a better place for the next generation. We don’t adhere to the philosophy that these qualities aren’t proper considerations in business, and that it is natural to include these basic human considerations in every decision.

We define “Regenerative Economics” as actively seeking to balance the need for financial return with the desire to ensure the external impacts of those investments are addressed. Our long term success as a society, as well as individual investors, requires that we begin to require investments to cover the social costs they avoid (or, from a different view, the public “subsidies” they indirectly receive by passing pollution, healthcare, infrastructure and other costs on to taxpayers). A solid regenerative investment should stand on its own.

We serve clients large and small with customized services that fulfill each partner’s specific project needs, and build successful initiatives that work to address social and environmental concerns while returning reasonable returns to investors.

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