Regenerative Economics

Blue Planet Science Group specializes in framing, building and delivering regenerative economic opportunities in the American heartland.


Blue Planet Science Group is proudly playing a leadership role in these initiatives.

Our Priorities:

  • Technology and Networked Communities
  • Water Quality
  • Food, Soil & Agriculture
  • Community Health & Well Being
  • Representative Democracy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Climate & Carbon

MiVoice Iowa

MiVoice Iowa is working to improve the democratic process by introducing technologies and citizen input opportunities that encourage elected representatives to more directly represent their voting constituents.

Regeneration Nation

Regeneration Nation is a 50 state initiative that starts in the Midwest to advance agriculture and 21stCentury living into a “new regenerative culture.” This culture makes scientists and “foodies” of us all and integrates soil management with precision farming and big-data to help cool the planet while healing our communities with the medicine of food and consumer education.

Iowa XProject

The Iowa XProject is a platform for advocacy and action, hosting new conversations about innovative initiatives with profound impact on the health of Iowa’s ecosystem, economy, and its citizens. It is a collaborative effort that encourages multi-partisan cooperation across all sectors for the benefit of all Iowans and as a model for the rest of the world.